Medical Equipment Management Software Solution, aka MEMSS, is owned by WT Data Tech.We are a new U.K. company founded in 2017. Our multi-vendor MEMSS software is a product of several decades of experience and hard work. It is designed to assist anyone specialising in the field of medical equipment management.

Who We Are?

Established in 2017, we are WT Data Tech—the developers of MEMSS (Medical Equipment Management Software Solution). We have created this software to provide the ultimate medical equipment and asset management and maintenance solution to anyone specialising in highly regulated healthcare industries in the UK or any part of the world.

The success of MEMSS can be gauged by our ever-increasing global and local client base. We have partnered with hundreds of clients worldwide and helped them integrate MEMSS for optimum medical equipment maintenance and management.

Our Mission
To provide next-generation and user-friendly equipment maintenance and management software solutions that help clients experience successful transformation and deliver best in service.
Our Vision
To become the leading software company for providing innovative and world-class software solutions that are easy to deploy and leverage, thus empowering organisation’s to success while ensuring environmental sustainability
Our Values
Our values are part of our DNA and at the heart of everything that we do. They serve as our guiding principles and pillars of strength. These include:
  • Serve with integrity, transparency and honesty
  • Maintain long-term and trust-based customer relationships and partnerships
  • Strive for innovation and excellence
  • Create solutions that contribute to environmental safety and sustainability

What Do We Do?

At WT Data Tech, we innovate. We strive to create and develop innovative maintenance management software and technological solutions that help clients achieve optimum equipment efficiencies and performance. Our MEMSS equipment maintenance management solution is a milestone in our effort to playing a pivotal role in assisting healthcare facilities and services providers to experience successful transformation in equipment maintenance.

How We Do it?

To deliver what we promise, we rely on our team. We have a winning-team of experienced, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled software developers that share the same values and vision as our company. This allows us to work passionately and with sheer commitment and enthusiasm to create software that redefines equipment maintenance and transform the industry for better.

Our MEMSS patent Medical Equipment Management is the next-generation software solution that is a product of several decades of experience and hard work. We continue to push boundaries and help clients integrate and use MEMSS to its full potential for best results and performance.

MEMSS is a feature-rich platform that can be customised for optimum user-experience and business benefit. From tracking assets to capital assessments, equipment maintenance and management, MEMSS is a user-friendly and intuitive solution to simplify equipment maintenance across the facility at all times with the utmost ease.

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