Stop chasing down your school’s inventory

Your school works with a big mix of onsite and remote assets. Asset Panda’s school inventory software helps you avoid playing hide and seek with those assets.

Streamline the check in/check out process

Speed up your 1:1 equipment deployments

Our built-in barcode scanning technology and customized actions allow you to get your school inventory management under control, once and for all. You can easily track repairs and maintenance in one convenient place.

Our Promise
We have been changing the world of equipment management since year.
Our Goal
MEMSS strives to create the most sustainable and intuitive user experience. We provide straightforward, reliable, and advanced software as well as services for all our clients.
Our Vision
We are passionate about maintenance management and firmly believe it is a crucial part of success and sustainability.

Make everyone accountable

See who’s responsible for school inventory in real time

With on-the-fly updates for inventory tracking, you'll know everywhere your asset has been from purchase to disposal. This helps you enforce compliance with grant requirements, reduce asset downtime, and get detailed reports that will help you make smarter purchases in the future.

Interested in MEMSS?

Improve maintenance performance, save costs, and reduce equipment downtime.
Contact us for a detailed analysis and assessment of your requirements.
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