Make more time to do good

Donations should be a blessing, not a curse. Keep better track of critically important donations and equipment with Asset Panda

Keep track of every donation

Manage your donations more accurately from the moment they are sent.

With Asset Panda, your volunteers and staff can work together on non-profit asset tracking. We help keep all your donation-based assets straight – from clothing to laptops – with an easy-to-use app.

Our Promise
We have been changing the world of equipment management since year.
Our Goal
MEMSS strives to create the most sustainable and intuitive user experience. We provide straightforward, reliable, and advanced software as well as services for all our clients.
Our Vision
We are passionate about maintenance management and firmly believe it is a crucial part of success and sustainability.

Ensure your assets are up to date

Better non-profit asset tracking means less costly repair costs and fewer equipment losses.

With Asset Panda, you’ll easily be able to see which of your assets aren’t in working order. That makes it easier to send the right ones out for repairs before it’s too late and locate replacement parts without an extensive and time-consuming search.

Interested in MEMSS?

Improve maintenance performance, save costs, and reduce equipment downtime.
Contact us for a detailed analysis and assessment of your requirements.
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