MEMSS is a Feature-Rich Solution Designed to Help You Organise and Maintain a Full Inventory of Medical Equipment

MEMSS is a feature-rich, intuitive and user-friendly solution designed to help you smoothly and cost-effectively manage, organise and maintain medical equipment for optimum operational efficiency and excellent customer service.

Product Features

Once MEMSS is integrated into your healthcare landscape, you can manage and maintain all medical equipment types with the utmost ease over the cloud and from a single point of contact.

Here are some features that make MEMSS an easy-to-use and value-adding integration in your facility:

Intuitive Dashboard
With MEMSS, managing daily operations is easy and straightforward. It enables you to access, view and monitor real-time equipment data with
Smooth Asset Management
From simple coding to detailed information about every asset, this feature makes maintenance management of all assets smooth.
Efficient Work Order Tracking
This feature empowers you to manage the maintenance plans for equipment individually by calendar and running records.
Easy Management of Cost
One of the primary goals of integrating MEMSS is to manage equipment maintenance cost-efficiently, and that is precisely what the costs
With this feature, healthcare service providers can realise significant gains in improving customer service, staff performance, cost-savings and overall operational efficiency.
  • Offers intuitive, real-time monitoring and maintenance.
  • Use the dashboard to visualise the complete maintenance status of your organisation with just one click.
  • Offers an overview of the total status of your complete assets, stock values, cost per asset etc.
  • Management solutions for all types of equipment both your client's and your own.
  • Offers a dynamic coding system as well as the option to oversee equipment via alternative codes.
  • Full data for any technical details , features, images and access to current as well as expired documents.
  • Operating history allows you to view running records and projections for any equipment.
Work Order
  • Maintenance plans and any work associated with equipment can be managed by calendar or operation projections. It is also possible to use a mix of both.
  • Offers a feature that lets you oversee full-team tasks. Includes monitoring and planning of labour-hours, parts approval, job orders, cost centre or equipment services and materials.
  • Downtime estimates and supervision of maintenance hours.
  • Visual representations of all scheduled operations via an Outlook-inspired calendar with a drag & drop features for orders.
  • Real-time comparisons of planned and actual costs. Offers improved control over all maintenance processes.
  • Intuitive invoice preparation and realisation of completed work.
  • Full maintenance analysis and planning setbacks.
Equipment Library
  • Search function enables fast navigation and monitoring via the equipment library.
  • Monitor equipment via its tracking number, serial number, model, asset type, category and more.
  • Assign loan status and monitor checkouts, return times or overdue items.
  • Intuitive equipment condition tracking.
  • Input and view full details of different parts.
  • Oversee location, transit status, order status, availability, manufacturer data etc.
  • Monitor re-order levels and quantities along with purchase or selling costs.
  • Manage users and their contact data, staff level etc.
  • Search by Ward Number or Location.
  • Graphical representations of daily training time per month.
  • A comprehensive table offers an overview of current user training and all relevant data.
  • Detailed dashboard offers a full overview of contracts.
  • Displays graphs for contract status and expiry date.
  • View a table that outlines recent contracts for improved management.
  • Easy management of new contracts via contract type, duration, name, date, status etc.
  • Quick access to work order status reports.
  • Search function provides name, code, category and description parameters to facilitate navigation.
  • Browse through a full Reports List, including category, report code, name, description boxes and more.
  • Analyse new, cancelled, allocated, closed or completed reports.
  • Use Title, Category, Priority Status, and other parameters to assess performance.
  • Manufacturer dashboard provides graphs of models and assets.
  • View equipment models, total models and assets by manufacturer.
  • Dashboards allow users to assess risk and safety classifications.
  • User-friendly Model Search and Create functions.
  • Manager tool offers graphs with detailed data on customers, suppliers, third parties.
  • Active, Closed, Do Not Contact and Inactive labels allow for quick analysis of all parties.
  • Detailed third-party registration of all relevant data, including contact information, status and location.
  • Categorise parties according to status (VIP, service provider, supplier and financial owner etc.)
  • Fast access to all MEMSS settings via a comprehensive drop-down menu.
  • Set up and browse asset categories, classifications according to code, customise current status codes based on management needs.
  • Access detailed settings for asset locations and warehouse locations.
  • Tools for establishing electric safety classifications as well as risk classifications, company details and email configurations.
  • View assets or modify financial status parameters, manage library assets and more.
  • A full Costs tool for creating documents related to all equipment types. Also includes maintenance work and systems.
  • Tools that allow management of accounting sheets for maintenance work.
  • Facilitated organisation of costs in regards to cost centres and accounts.
  • Simplifies and improves the integration of accounting and maintenance departments.
  • Real-time tracking for correct budget analysis.
Performance Indicators
  • Detailed performance monitoring through automatic, evolutionary, as well as comparative analysis. Applies to system, equipment, cost centre and additional variables.
  • Performance indicators for the current and past year, as well as the last five years.
  • Visual representations with pie charts and bar graphs.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculation (organisational, economic, technical) with respect to international standards.
  • Tools provide creation and customisation options for unlimited indicators. Manual (recorded) and automatic (systems) are available.
Maintenance Request Tools
  • Allows the user to create requests and input requested SLA response times.
  • Requests, as well as their status, can be monitored in real-time or automatically.
  • Create and track requests via mobile and desktop devices through a fully web-based workflow and interface.
  • IOS & Android APP.
  • Satisfaction rating available after request conclusion.
Tools and Plugins

MEMSS plugins will offer you the essential external resources needed to simplify and improve daily tasks.


Explore our MEMSS implementation guides and video tutorials.


MEMSS modules, resources, and features are thoroughly described in our technical specification sheet

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